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Creative Challenges

Scientific Inquiry & Engineering Design



The students are responsible for establishing and maintaining their own garden. They will learn which crops perform best in the Northeastern Oklahoma soil while taking into consideration the variables of sunlight, water, pests, etc. From improving social skills to increasing the preference of eating vegetables, there is plentiful research on the benefits of growing a school garden.


Click here to learn more about the benefits of student gardening.


Not only is working with robotics cutting edge and exciting, it sharpens students' problem solving and decision making skills. In addition, those who are proficient in robotics will have more career opportunities than those who are not. Our future is one where almost everything will be enhanced by the use of robotics.

Click here to learn about the advantages to learning about robotics.

3D Printing

3D printing is changing the landscape of architecture, engineering, medicine, sports, fashion...the list goes on. Soon, 3D printers will be part of our everyday lives and will revolutionize how things are constructed. The students at OSIEL gain an understanding of how these printers work by incorporating them into their weekly projects and designs.

Click here to learn more about 3D printing and how it is changing the way our industries operate.  

Computer Science

"Computer science is very important to the success of our students in a digital, inter-connected world. Computer science is embedded in virtually every area of academic study, since the use of computer technologies, data and digital storytelling have become essential skills in most disciplines. Additionally, computer technology has become an important tool in creative expression, supporting an exponential growth in the ability of artists, including musicians, gamers, and film makers, to self-publish and to collaborate with people from around the world."  (Dan French)

Click here to learn about the rewards of studying computer science.

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3D Printing
Lines Of Code

Academic Competitions

Competitions are a great way for our students to learn while using collaboration and creativity. It gives them a chance to practice adhering to deadlines and working within a set of parameters. Last year, the students of OSIEL earned over $27,000 in prize money and scholarships!

Listed below are a few major competitions our students have done well in.

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