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Tom Powers

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Tom Powers hails from Baltimore, MD and is a 1971 graduate of Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. He married his college sweetheart in 1975 after earning a bachelors degree in liberal arts from American Christian College in Tulsa. He earned his master's degree from Oklahoma State University in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Gifted Education. Tom spent seventeen years in the corporate world before answering God’s call to become a classroom teacher.


After nine years of teaching Science, he transitioned into the role of Gifted Education Specialist for Bixby Public Schools. In 2017, Tom had the honor of receiving the award for Tulsa Regional STEM Association Elementary Educator of the year.


One of his greatest passions is work with children who exhibit love for learning and thrive on the challenges and freedom to explore and make mistakes. His other passions include teaching Sunday school, church camps, performing in live theater, and travelling with family.