College Library

Tami Mostrom

Upper Level

Tami Mostrom has a B.A. in English with a minor in journalism from the University of New Mexico. She has taught Comp II as an adjunct for Tulsa Community College and has tutored TCC concurrent enrollment students, primarily working with the Composition students. She teaches Literature & Composition, Speech, and Logic classes for Jr. High and High School homeschooled students, teaches upper level Language Arts for OSIEL, and also works as a private tutor. Tami has a passion for literature and for teaching students the skills they need to write well and succeed in college.


Tami and her husband have three children and a beagle. Her favorite pastimes include spending time with her husband and their children, going on walks with her husband, reading really good books, listening to music, relaxing at the beach, shopping, watching baseball and tennis, and meeting friends for coffee.