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Oklahoma School of Innovation and Experiential Learning


The Oklahoma School of Innovation & Experiential Learning (OSIEL) provides the means of educating unlike any found within the state. We promote relevant, project-based learning and prepare students with a 21st-century education. Our curriculum is backed by elite math instruction, hands-on science, engaging social studies, and immersive travel. 


We deliver an experiential form of education that has a C-STEM emphasis. Our instruction incorporates the use of robotics, computer programming, and teamwork throughout the year. Each student has his/her own blog to reflect upon their experience and activities. (This allows parents to stay informed and involved.) Our primary goal is for the students to use information and collaboration to research, design, and create in a manner that positively changes the world around them.


To further elevate the quality of education, travel is used to reinforce student learning and provide lifelong experience. Our students have traveled to places including Western Oklahoma, Dallas, Boston, Puerto Rico, and Peru. 


Our co-op serves students from grades 7-12. To allow for quality individual instruction, feasible travel, and strong family involvement, our class sizes do not exceed 18 students. 


OSIEL is located on the campus of South Community Church located at 171st between Yale and Sheridan.

Our Vision

     Every child is born with an imagination. It is our job to cultivate this creative process, not hinder it. Providing opportunities within the C-STEM discipline to design, collaborate, and create are the primary educational goals of OSIEL. Furthermore, we extend the realm of academia beyond the four walls of a classroom by providing travel as a way to further our students' understanding. Whether it is learning more about a person, place, or process, our educational trips are an invaluable way to reinforce our curriculum. After all, experience is the best teacher.


     In addition, we recognize the social well-being of our kids. Whether it is preparing S'mores over a bonfire, cheering on the Tulsa Drillers, or relaxing during a Saturday afternoon BBQ, we encourage our families to get together. Not only does it encourage parents to actively partake in their child's life, it allows for a healthy foundation to build lifelong friendships among our students.

Benefits of Choosing OSIEL:

•   emphasis on C-STEM education

•   opportunities to earn college scholarships 

•   incorporate robotics and programming into learning

•   work with drones and 3D printers

•   encourages creativity and design

•   travel used to reinforce learning

•   partnerships with local groups, businesses and professionals

•   small class sizes (18 max)

•   45 - 60 minute lunch/recess (for all-day students)

•   flexible hours for pickup/drop off

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